Local Contractors for Improved Infrastructure and Job Creation
Article - EIIP contractors go through mandatory training organized by the ILO on LRBT and principles of decent work
Launching Beirut Works
EIIP Lebanon rehabilitates public buildings that were severely damaged in the Beirut Port explosion and create decent jobs.
Signing of MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 7 June with the Ministry of Agriculture for support to local farmers.
KfW technical mission to EIIP Lebanon
KFW conducts a Technical Mission to Lebanon visiting On-going Phase-IV EIIP projects.
ILO- LMTA Trail Conservation Project
ILO in partnership with LMT Launches the LMTA Trail Conservation project in October 2021
UN Secretary-General visits ILO employment creation project in northern Lebanon
As part of a four-day official trip to Lebanon, UN Secretary-General António Guterres visited a joint ILO-UNDP project that is creating jobs and rehabilitating the Tripoli waterfront.
Employment creation & enhanced agriculture productivity through construction and rehabilitation of farm infrastructure
ILO - Green Plan partnership
Safety and security in Lebanon: Lebanese capital police hub restored by the ILO following Beirut port explosion
How work gave me purpose after Beirut blast
On August 4,2020, large parts of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, were devastated by a massive explosion in the port. For Hani Baltaji, the rebuilding of a municipal police station has not only helped towards Beirut’s recovery, but also his own.
Inauguration of the Lebanon Mountain Trail project
Inauguration of the Lebanon Mountain Trail project