The rehabilitation project of the Beirut Police Station received a notable visit from Mr. Peter Van Rooij, the Director of the International Labour Organization(ILO)'s Partnerships and Development Cooperation Department. The visit provided an opportunity to assess the progress made in restoring this critical infrastructure after the devastating Beirut Blast. Mr. Van Rooij's presence highlighted the commitment of the ILO and its partners to support the city's recovery and ensure the safety and security of its residents.

The Beirut Police Station, located in Mar Mikhail - Beirut Municipality, suffered extensive damage during the tragic explosion. Recognizing the significance of this facility in maintaining law and order, the ILO EIIP, funded by German Government through KfW Development Bank, swiftly mobilized its resources to initiate the rehabilitation project, among other invaluable interventions in the most affected areas of the city. With a focus on restoring the police office building, the project aimed to create a safe and secure environment for the city's population. By prioritizing the use of local resources and empowering the local workforce, the project not only focuses on physical reconstruction but also contributes to the promotion of sustainable development and social inclusion.

During his visit, Mr. Van Rooij observed the restored police station, which is currently fully occupied and actively used by the Police department. The building holds architectural and cultural significance, and many of its original features were meticulously restored during the renovation works. The EIIP methodology implemented in Lebanon offers short-term job opportunities for vulnerable individuals affected by the ongoing Syrian crisis, providing cash-for-work initiatives under decent working conditions, which also include on-the-job training. A total of 297 workers, including 12.4% women, contributed to achieving these remarkable results.

He expressed his admiration for the collaborative efforts between the ILO EIIP and local stakeholders that made the progress possible. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in rebuilding communities and fostering resilience in the face of adversity. Mr. Van Rooij expressed specific interest in the environmental and social safeguard framework especially on the training and capacity building of the workers and the private contractors. The Beirut Police Station rehabilitation project serves as a testament to the collective determination to restore safety and security in the city, while also promoting sustainable economic growth and social inclusion.