KfW technical mission to EIIP Lebanon

KfW conducts a Technical Mission to Lebanon visiting On-going Phase-IV EIIP projects

Visit to the Police Station Rehabilitation in Beirut

Beirut- In November 2021, as part of their technical mission to Lebanon, a team from KfW visited ongoing EIIP projects, inspecting Aley Road Maintenance Project and the Police Station Rehabilitation in Beirut. The site visits consisted of technical discussions with engineers and contractors, as well as an exchange on the implementation of the Social Safeguard Framework with relevant team members. KfW team had the chance to talk with some of the workers benefitting from the EIIP, highlighting the positive effect the projects are having in the community during those unprecedented times the country is passing through.

Visit to the road maintenance project in Aley

The site visit was followed by a technical meeting with the EIIP team, discussing all ongoing projects, challenges, and mitigation strategies, as well as lessons learnt from previous phases.

Germany through the German Development Bank - KfW, has been fully funding all projects under the EIIP Lebanon, ever since phase I of the programme was launched in 2017, and throughout its four phases.

The mission highlighted the positive and strong collaboration between KfW and the ILO through the EIIP.