EIIP Lebanon update December 2023


The economic situation continues to deteriorate with shortages ofcertain construction materials, a serious fuel price increase following aperiod of shortage, as Lebanon has scaled back on subsidies on certain fooditems, gas, and medication to save dwindling foreign reserves, and mostrecently with the war that has escalated in the south of the country. All thishas led to an increased influx of Lebanese daily workers.

While contracts and wages are fully paid inUSD, continued price increases and a fluctuating exchange rate poses manychallenges. ILO together with UNDP and WFP, and in coordination with KfW, had developeda technical note which details a quarterly wage review process. The technicalnote was reviewed in 2022 and advised a daily wage of 10 USD for unskilledworkers inclusive of transportation. As such, the latter has been implementedfor all EIIP projects since the beginning of November 2022.

Overall targets for Phase IV were achieved with most projectsalready completed and delivered. Some delays in implementation have beenexperienced in the farm infrastructure project, specifically related to thecurrent security situation in the south. As such, a new no-cost extension tothe phase IV financing agreement has been applied till June 30, 2024.

EIIP Lebanon and KfW have signed on the financial agreement forPhase V starting January 1st, 2023, for a duration of 25 months.Phase V will be covering both creation and rehabilitation of public assets withmore focus on the generation of green works and capacity building as well asskills development both for concerned public institutions (such as relevantMinistries, beneficiary municipalities and other governmental entities) anddirect beneficiaries of the program, i.e., workers. Projects have beenidentified in coordination with KfW and initial employment targets specified.Currently, most of these projects are under design and/or tendering phase;details of which can be found in the table below.

Phase IV January 2021-December 2023

àRoad maintenance: ILO and MoPWT have jointly identified six road maintenance clusters, combining simple routinemaintenance such as clearing of drains and vegetation control with spotimprovements such as repair and construction of lined drains, retaining walls,concrete crushed barriers, and traffic safety measures...etc. All roadmaintenance projects have now been completed.

à Response to BeirutBlast: ILO has in coordination with Beirut municipalityand MoPWT agreed to repair Beirut Customs building and Police Station inKarantina, which were both damaged in the Port explosion, and a pedestriannetwork in Karantina which was identified as a priority by the municipality,all in coordination with UNDP, UNOPS, Un Habitat, AUB and other developmentpartners. All three projects have been completed.

The inauguration ceremony for the PoliceStation took place in April 2022 in the presence of all stakeholders andrepresentatives from relevant UN agencies, Ministries, other governmentinstitutions, embassies…etc.

à Farm infrastructure: ILO hassigned an MoU with the Ministry of Agriculture/Green Plan for collaboration onfarm infrastructure and has signed an implementation agreement with LRI tosupport the identification, design, and supervision of the farm infrastructure.Around 800 farmers have been selected from a pool of 4,000 applicants based ona set of criteria agreed with Green Plan and in coordination with FAO who arealso supporting the ministry. Eight clusters have been identified. Mostclusters have been completed, however with many activities pending in thesouthern region of the country due to the current security situation; namely inSouth 1, South 2, and South Bekaa areas.

à Lebanon MountainTrail: ILO has signed an implementation agreement withLebanon Mountain Trail Association for the implementation of labour-intensiverehabilitation and maintenance of the 470km long trail (590km including sidetrails). The work activities started in September 2021 and almost all sectionshave now been rehabilitated. Theinstallation of info panels and directional signs were still pending till theend of the contract period, as there were apparent difficulties in installingthem on the ground in mountainous areas where weather conditions would notpermit. These were later to be followed up by the EIIP team to make sure thatthey were completed in due time. As such, LMT requested yet another no costextension till end of April 2023 to cover the above, which was in fact withinthe overall EIIP program no cost extension with KfW.

à Municipalinfrastructure: ILO, based on a comprehensive identificationand selection tool, has identified seven municipal projects in coordinationwith project partners. Back-up projects have also been considered. Works havealready been completed for all these projects.

à In collaborationwith the Ministry of Social Affairs, the EIIP rehabilitated 4 SDCs with a goal toimprove accessibility for Persons with disabilities to the centres. SDCsare in Rahbe – Akkar, Arab Salim – Nabatieh, Yohmor and Haouch El Oumara –Bekaa. All four of these projects have now been completed.


Phase III completed in May 2022

à Completionreport submitted to KfW in September 2022.

Phase I+II ending December 2020

à Completion report submitted to KfW.


Project and employment summary below

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Phase IV

Employment generation summary December 2023


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