EIIP Lebanon update April 2023

The economic situation continues to deteriorate with frequent demonstrations and roadblocks, shortages of certain construction materials, and more recently, a serious fuel price increase following a period of shortage, as Lebanon has scaled back on subsidies on certain food items, gas, and medication to save dwindling foreign reserves. All this has led to an increased influx of Lebanese daily workers.

While contracts and wages are fully paid in USD, continued price increases and a fluctuating exchange rate poses many challenges. ILO together with UNDP and WFP, and in coordination with KfW, has developed a technical note which details a quarterly wage review process. The technical note has been reviewed and advises a daily wage of 10 USD for unskilled workers inclusive of transportation. As such, the latter has been implemented for all EIIP projects since the beginning of November 2022.

Overall targets for Phase IV remain on track though with some delays in implementation that are clarified below. The projects are being monitored closely to determine estimated completion time, any cost change, and tracking of employment targets.

EIIP Lebanon and KfW have recently signed on the financial agreement for Phase V starting January 1st,2023, for a duration of 25 months. Phase V will be covering both creation and rehabilitation of public assets with more focus on the generation of green works and capacity building as well as skills development both for concerned public institutions (such as relevant Ministries, beneficiary municipalities and other governmental entities) and direct beneficiaries of the program, i.e., workers. Currently, the process of project identification is ongoing through which projects for the entire phase are being shortlisted and technically assessed on site.

Phase IV January 2021-June 2023

Response to Beirut Blast: In coordination with Beirut municipality and the Ministry of Public Works (MoPWT)The prestigious Customs house for the port authority and the municipal police station, that were both badly damaged by the port explosion. The inauguration ceremony for the Police Station took place in April 2022 in the presence of all stakeholders and representatives from relevant UN agencies, Ministries, other government institutions, embassies…etc.

Municipal infrastructure: All Phase IV projects have been completed. Anew pedestrian network in Karantina, identified as a priority by the municipality, and in coordination with other development actors working in the area, was completed. Along, allowing pedestrian access in an area close to the port that is affected by heavy traffic. Similarly new sidewalks were constructed in Qab Elias.

Rehabilitation of four (SDCs) on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

ILO has completed works at four Social Development Centres SDCs with a goal to improve accessibility for Persons with disabilities to the centres, in  Rahbe –Akkar, Arab Salim – Nabatieh, Yohmor and Haouch El Oumara – Bekaa. All four of these projects have now been completed.  

Cultural Development Centre, Nabatiyeh

Nabatiyeh is a three storey Cultural Development Centre, containing a theatre, library, medical facilities, SDC and administrative offices.

à Farm infrastructure: ILO is working closely with the Green Plan, under the Ministry of Agriculture to provide farm infrastructure for 800vulnerable farmers across the four regions of the country. Through an implementation agreement with the Lebanese Reforestation Initiative (LRI) who manages the assessment, design, and supervision of the project. Work is under way through eight separate lots. The themes of green jobs and green works, together with the Just Transition for climate change adaptation are underway for the new Phase V projects.

Lebanon Mountain Trail: ILO has completed an implementation agreement with Lebanon Mountain Trail Association for the labour-intensive rehabilitation and maintenance of the 470km long mountain trail (590km including side trails).The work activities started in September 2021 and all activities were completed by end of April 2023. By restoring the network of trails, many other initiatives have been enabled, connecting the mountain villages to the trails for sustainable tourism activities.

Road maintenance and rehabilitation: ILO and MoPWT have completed six road maintenance projects, combining simple routine maintenance such as clearing of drains and vegetation control with spot improvements such as repair and construction of lined drains, retaining walls, concrete crushed barriers, and traffic safety measures, etc. These have been completed across Lebanon in clusters of Ghazieh-Saida, Hasbaya, Akkar, Ehden, Laqlouq, and Aley.

Agricultural(farm) roads were completed in Hrar, Damour, and Tamnine el Tahta and ongoing in Mansoura.  

The project identification and selection for the phase V projects is underway. This phase will enhance the cross-cutting themes of on the job training for women and people with disabilities (PWD), Environmental Social Safeguards Framework(ESF), including Decent Work and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Green Works, Green Jobs, Just transition for Climate Change Adaptation. Cross-linkages in skills training to other ILO projects (Prospects an EU Resilience).


Phase III completed in May 2022

A Completion report submitted to KfW in September 2022.

Phase I+II ending December 2020

A Completion report submitted to KfW.


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Employment generation summary April 2023


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